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Titan Farms is committed to producing and supplying only safe quality fruit and vegetables. From our fields and orchards to the box, our products are grown, packed and shipped to our exacting standards. We control every aspect of our operation to assure only the freshest, safest, and best quality produce are used in our packing process, while controlling all the parameters to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. In our fields, orchards, and pack house our highly trained employees utilize Good Agriculture Practices, (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices, (GMP) to insure our products are grown, harvested and packed in the safest possible conditions. Our efforts have been very successful. We have completed our third year of GFSI certification using the SQF code through Silliker and received a superior score of 95.

In our packing facility, we have an extensive cleaning and sanitation program to ensure food safety. We begin by closely monitoring every area of the packing shed that comes in contact with the fresh fruit. The facility and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after each operation to ensure there is no contamination of any kind. We also have wireless recording of our cooler temperatures protecting the fruit after it is picked. We constantly monitor the pH levels in our water as well as the free chlorine levels that act as a disinfectant. This information is downloaded into a computer program to be tracked throughout the season.

We have an intensive training program for our employees to train them in how to properly clean and care for each part of the machine and the facility. The actions of our employees are regulated to ensure against cross-contamination of any kind, just as any food company does.

The key to any successful food safety program is record keeping and inventory control. Our record keeping goes well beyond required standards and it is aided tremendously by our computerized equipment. Through technology we are able to trace our fruit from your neighborhood grocery store back to the field.


TracebilityTitan Farms traces our products from the field to the customer. Utilizing state of the art technology and software, Titan Farms identifies each lot of peaches and bell peppers as they are harvested in the field and placed into bins identified by bar codes. As each bin arrives at the Pack House it is scanned into a software program and identified with a specific lot which is characterized with the product variety, the field, the harvest crew, and the harvest date. In addition, each lot is assigned specific locations in the storage coolers. As each lot is scheduled for packing it is assigned a unique Titan Farms Lot Identification Number that remains with the lot throughout the packing, storage, and shipping process. This number is placed on each product container, pallet, and bill of lading. If a problem is identified with a specific number, then Titan Farms Management can trace the product back to the field, when it was harvested, when it was placed into storage, when it was packed, and when and to the customer it was shipped. Through the Titan Farms Food Safety and Security Program, the Titan Farms Traceback and Recall Program is tested at a minimum annually.

The terrorist actions of September 11, 2001, and the Bioterrorism Act of 2002, significantly increased the nation’s awareness of the possibility of a significant threat to our food supply. Titan Farms is committed to ensuring that our products, peaches and vegetables are protected against adulteration by a deliberate act of sabotage or terrorist acts that would cause serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals.

Titan Farms’ facilities are secured within reasonable measures. All of our fields and orchards are identified and physically observed on a periodic basis. The wells and ponds are inspected and the water tested on a periodic basis. The farms’ operations and pack house complex is secured by surrounding fences and a close circuit TV system monitors all entrances, storage rooms, and other critical areas. In addition, chemicals, soil amendments, toxic materials, detergents, and packaging are stored in separate secure facilities and locations to prevent tampering and cross contamination.

All employees are screened with reasonable background checks prior to employment including references. Our migrant employees are employed through the H-2A Migrant Worker Program and all H-2A employees are screened by the US and Mexican Governments annually through the Visa application and approval process. All of Titan Farms employees receive annual training on our security policies and procedures.

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