At Titan Farms we grow all of our vegetables on raised beds covered with plastic film. Known as plasticulture, this growing method utilizes only a portion of the land to grow high-density vegetable crops on raised beds. We plant about 60% of the land normally used for 200% more plants and resulting in 300% more yield (as compared to conventional planting methods).

We fumigate the soil and form beds using a 15 foot wide super-bedder, forming 3 rows at a time with 12 rows per picking row. After the beds are formed, a machine places drip irrigation tubing on top of the bed and rolls out the plastic film covering the top of the beds. Micro-drip irrigation under the plastic allows us to use the precise amount of water needed for each particular crop. Leaf samples are collected weekly and fertilizer is applied through the irrigation system sending just the right amount of nutrients directly to the root zone, thus saving money and reducing our energy consumption. Certain crop protectants can also be applied through the drip irrigation tubing, which allows for absorption of the product through the root system and makes it more effective.

Plasticulture also allows for a longer growing season. The use of black film in the spring helps heat the soil allowing us to plant peppers while temperatures are still cool. In the summer white film is used help keep the soil cooler during warmer temperatures. We also use virtually impermeable film (VIF), reducing our soil fumigant rates by 50%, reducing costs and further protecting the environment.

Bottom line – the utilization of plasticulture as a growing practice uses less land to produce much more with much less input – everyone benefits!

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