State of the Art Packing Line

In a continued commitment to growing the peach category and becoming fully vertically integrated, we at Titan Farms invested in a state-of-the-art packing facility upgrade in 2015. Along with increasing overall productivity, the enhancements to the facility and new packing equipment allow us to stand out in key areas of the supply chain:

  • Quality: Gentler fruit handling and greater accuracy in sizing and color sorting
  • Traceability: Offering retailers complete traceability unsurpassed in the peach industry
  • Food Safety: Improved cleanup of equipment and automatic bin washing after every use
  • Sustainability: Increased energy efficiency leading to a smaller overall carbon footprint


With help from Compaq’s Vision 9000 system, we can photograph 32 images of every piece of fruit and sort each by color and dimension of weight. The automatic sizing equipment automatically adds necessary product information on cartons while the machinery also provides automatic palletizing, uses PTI labeling and tracks shipments throughout the system. Blemish detection grades out fruit with marks while additional improvements allow us to pack our fruit in custom containers, including totes, bags, clamshells and cartons of different sizes.

We added new fumigation, research & development labs, unique hybrid lines and multiple packing lines for higher efficiency. New capabilities for PLU stickering and new bin scrubbers were also added. Our cold chain management is the best in the industry and includes increased cold storage capacity, decreased cold chain break time, and additional upgraded cold chain monitoring solutions.

Additionally, we cleaned and cleared the original building, redid the floors, added a drop ceiling, implemented HVAC and completely enclosed a formerly open-air operation to allow for separate temperature zones while heightening food safety. We are very proud of our finished product and of the quality product we can continuously offer our customers.

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