Trimble GPS

Auto Steer Tractor CopyIn the spring of 2009 we purchased a Trimble autopilot system for creating plant beds in our vegetable fields. Currently we have two Trimble autopilot systems, the FMX and the FMD. These two systems are being utilized on our larger John Deere tractors and run on RTK corrections (sub-inch accuracy) receiving signals from cell towers – just like you send and receive text messages. This allows us to move from field to field without setting up base stations in each field. The system uses data triangulation - from tractor to satellite to cell tower and back to tractor, to receive Real Time Kinematic or sub inch positioning accuracy. We are able to enter our vegetable fields several weeks before laying plastic to plant the drive rows with rye to use as a windbreak. We also use it to mark rows and cross check our peach fields before we plant young trees.

We can also use this autopilot system technology to apply crop protectants on our vegetables, create plant beds, to fumigate as we plant vegetables and to aid in treating peach land. Having the autopilot system allows the operator to focus on the rate of the material being applied in order to complete field applications faster and more productively. This system makes bedding and land treating more efficient because of quicker turnaround times in the field and a much higher rate of accuracy. The system records data such as treated acres and guidance lines so that in the future we can return to the same rows in the same fields.

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