Titan Farms’ vegetable production of broccoli has grown to 1,000 acres, including Crowns and Bunches, with two crops a year.

Spring – April 25 – June 7
Fall – October 25 – January 5

Web BroccoliTitan Farms grows broccoli in two seasons annually: spring and fall. We harvest and pack about 150 acres during the spring season and 175 acres during the fall season for a total of 325 acres per year. Broccoli provides a great rotation crop in our growing system.

The broccoli process begins just after pepper production is complete. When the last bell peppers have been harvested, plants are cut away and broccoli season begins. To remain environmentally friendly, we reuse the plastic bed cover and drip tape irrigation tubing from the bell pepper crop for our broccoli crop. Before broccoli is transplanted, a soil fumigant is applied through the irrigation system to rid plant beds of pests, weeds, and diseases. Next a pre-emerge herbicide is applied between the rows to eliminate weeds and reduce the population of pests. We also apply a pre-plant liquid fertilizer through the drip system just before planting. These processes ensure that the soil is in optimal condition to accept the transplants.

The next step is punching holes and then planting the tender plants. Our broccoli plants are grown from seeds at a nursery and arrive at the farm as seedlings ready to be transplanted. Using the transplant method helps ensure we will have an even crop across the field. Plants are maintained throughout the season with water and liquid fertilizer via the drip irrigation system. Crop protectants are also applied throughout the season either by foliar spray or through the drip system as needed.

Once mature, broccoli is harvested by hand and packed in the field. Boxes are placed onto trailers and then transported to our packing facility. Boxes are checked and weighed to make sure our quality is second to none. Each box is placed on a conveyor that carries it beneath an ice slush machine filling it with approximately 20 lbs of ice guaranteeing that the broccoli is properly chilled before it enters the shipping cooler. To protect each pallet of product and to decrease product dehydration, large plastic bags are placed over the entire pallet as it is placed into our shipping cooler until it is shipped out.

Broccoli Nutrition 00001One cup of broccoli = 31 calories and is a source of Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, and has no fat or cholesterol. What a wholesome snack for anyone regardless of your dietary restrictions!
One bushel of fresh broccoli is equivalent to:
30-38 Crowns
12-14 Bunches

Broccoli can be steamed, cooked in the microwave or combined with other vegetables with a little broth or water for a stir-fry entree. Boiling broccoli can cause it to lose many minerals and vitamins. Cooked broccoli should be tender enough so that it can be pierced with a sharp knife, and still remain crisp and bright green in color. Broccoli is also a great raw, nutritious snack. Try it with a low-fat dip, or include them in your favorite salad.

To insure quality when buying Titan broccoli, choose bunches or crowns that are dark green. Good color indicates high nutrient value. Choose bunches with stalks that are very firm. Stalks that bend or seem rubbery are of poor quality. Avoid broccoli with open, flowering, discolored, or water-soaked bud clusters and tough, woody stems.

Store broccoli unwashed, in an open plastic bag and place in the crisper drawer of refrigerator. It is best if used within a couple days after purchasing.

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