Titan Farms’ production of peaches has grown to 6,200 acres with more than 60 different varieties, making us the largest grower in the southeast United States.

May - early September

During this season the peaches are virtually asleep. Peach trees require a large number of chilling hours (hours of cold temperatures below 45 degrees prior to bloom) to set and produce a high quality crop. At Titan Farms we grow more than 50 different varieties of peaches and each variety requires a different number of chilling hours. The chilling hour requirements range from 600 hours to 1100 hours depending on the variety and pick date. The amount of chill hours also determines the bloom date for that particular variety.

Dormant Crop Protective Sprays

Season: February - March

Bloom & Early Fruit Development Stage

Season: March - May


Season: May - September

If we don’t have everything ready by now, it’s too late! Even for the best-organized operations it is very difficult to see to every detail each day. Our seasonal work force increases to about 775 workers who are working on three distinct yet separate main tasks simultaneously: harvesting, packaging, and horticulture tasks. Additionally we have a team of employees who play a support role for each of these activities for a total of around 800 employees.

Harvesting peaches is done completely by hand. Pickers select ripe fruit based on a creamy yellow background color and place them in a bag worn around their shoulders. Once the bag is full, the worker transfers the fruit to a plastic bin. Each bin holds approximately 20 bushels of fruit (the equivalent of about 1000 pounds). Five of these bins are on a wagon that is pulled through the field by a tractor.


One medium peach has only 60 calories with most of the nutrition in the skin. A peach is a good source of Vitamin C and has no fat or cholesterol.

To ensure quality when buying Titan peaches, select fruit that is free of bruises. A background that is creamy yellow in color indicates maturity. The redness or "blush" will vary depending on the variety and is not a good indication of ripeness. Select peaches that are firm but give a little when squeezed gently. Peaches may be stored in a bin at the bottom of the refrigerator and will soften at room temperature.

Fresh peaches are nutritious snacks eaten fresh from the farm or served in endless recipe combinations such as appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts.

Summer salads – Pair with a favorite cheese or nut and use as a topping for a crisp summer salad.

Smoothies – Blend with yogurt for a healthy snack or breakfast.

Grilling – Halve peaches, remove the pit and place them on a medium hot grill. Cook all sides until tender for a super sweet and smoky ­flavor. These are great for salads, desserts or on their own.

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